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More than half of US metros post higher foreclosure activity

U.S. Foreclosure Activity Increases 7 Percent in July as Bank. – Despite the recent increases, REOs in July were still less than half their peak of 102,134 in September 2010, but more than twice their pre-crisis average of 23,119 a month in 2005 and 2006.

Fannie Mae completes third non-performing loan sale

Remodeling Spending Growth to Slow in Most Major Metros in 2019. Tuesday, June 04, 2019. Annual gains in homeowner spending on improvements are expected to moderate across more than half of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas in 2019, according to new projections released today.

The Housing Bust Is Probably Going to Continue Under Jeb Bush, housing prices fueled Florida’s boom. Then it all went bust. – Critics said those cuts largely benefited the wealthy; supporters said they helped unleash more economic activity, which boosted poor. Sklar bought it, post-foreclosure, for less than $200,000, and.

Legg Mason’s Miller bullish on subprime servicers like Nationstar How did PNC Financial turn a profit with its mortgage business dropping? Bill Miller spent three decades helping build Legg Mason into one of the nation’s best-known money managers. Now, the two are parting ways, as old-fashioned stock pickers fall out of favor.Mortgage rates freeze as market enters uncertain era MORTGAGE MARKETS AND THE ENTERPRISES IN 2006 June 2007.. Housing and Primary Mortgage Market Developments. the continuing strength of the current economic expansion became more uncertain. The Fed halted its rate increases, and financial markets began increasingly to anticipate future.

Coupled with inventory that is 9 percent lower than it was in 2016 and income that has not kept up with prices, the natural post. to US Census Bureau and Department of Housing and Urban Development.

 · As the unemployment rate approaches double-digits, almost two million homes received foreclosure filings in the first half of 2009, 15% more than in the same period for 2008, and 9% more than.

That concentration of start-up activity is unusual, economists say. In the early 1990s recovery, 125 counties combined to generate half the total new business. Moody’s Analytics data, the United.

These data cover more than one fourth of home purchase applications in the United States from January 2013 through September 2018. The data include mortgage and borrower characteristics, such as credit scores, loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, debt-to-income ratios, loan amounts, mortgage rates and points and fees paid, state and metro area of.

Arizona teachers march to the Arizona state Capitol during a walkout for higher. love us.” She said she had to leave her job as a teacher so that she could provide for her four children. Her video.

Nationally, foreclosure activity bumped higher seasonally in March, but most markets continue to improve to more stable levels, said RealtyTrac senior vice president Daren Blomquist in a statement..

Senate delays Janet Yellen Fed Chair confirmation The Senate has approved Janet Yellen as the next head of the Federal Reserve. At a ceremony commemorating the Fed’s centennial last month, Yellen sat with (from left-to-right) former chairmen Paul.

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Feel free to post any interesting links. the property and resell it, rather than use it to generate rental income," she said.” (press release, Sept. 9) US Sees 1.2 Million Foreclosure Homes In Q2.

BofA completes more short sales than REO for last 18 months Letter of Explanation why you need a short sale; Bank of America application form (Which we can provide for you) Depending on if you are eligible to apply for a Bank of america short sale incentive program or not depends on how the short sale process is initiated. The typical short sale process takes three to six months for bank review.San Francisco exhibiting potential signs of a housing bubble RealtyTrac has released a new report that identifies potential bubble markets based upon three early warning signs. There has been increased fear of another housing bubble for a while now, with some markets already identified as bubbles and others supposedly suffering from an affordability crisis.