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Are landlords responsible for pot-growing renters?

Marijuana use policy – Disclosure is not required but is still recommended. Death in rental unit – A residential landlord must disclose any death in the unit that has occurred within the. No home cultivation is permitted.. If one tenant is solely responsible for electricity to common areas or other areas within a multi- unit,

A landlord has won a bid to have his damaged carpets replaced after urine stains caused by two toy poodles was deemed intentional. Gary Guo will be paid $10,000 to repair the damage his tenants.

KEYWORDS Landlord Marijuana Marijuana Legalization Medical Marijuana NAR National Association of Realtors Real estate renters. While 23 states and the District of Columbia have legalized medicinal pot use, along with four states legalizing recreational use, the federal government still says marijuana is illegal.

What can landlords do to hold tenants responsible for upkeep in a home? State law spells out the obligations tenants have in.

You can put in more terms in an addendum – Hutchinson includes making a tenant responsible for paying any fines or penalties.

In most states and jurisdictions, landlord responsibilities cover, at least to some degree, protection of their tenants. This protection responsibility may impose a legal duty on the landlord to take steps to protect their tenants from thieves, assailants, and criminal acts from other tenants.

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"Triple-net" is real estate jargon for a lease structure where the tenant has full control and responsibility for maintaining.

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A landlord has the responsibility to keep their tenants and the surrounding community happy. Taking the proper care of the rental property plays a huge role in keeping everyone content. Following health and safety codes, performing regular maintenance, paying bills on time, and maintaining the proper insurance are all part of a landlord’s.

Marijuana Use in Rental Properties Used for the cultivation of cannabis, grow houses in Ireland are part of a. it is the landlord, as John was to find out, that is personally liable for.

As a landlord or property manager in these states with newly enacted recreational marijuana legalization, you may be wondering how this new law will affect your rentals. Per your state’s newly legal recreational marijuana, you might have the following questions: Do I have to let my renters use pot on my property?

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